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Cannabis in California

Experts estimate that California’s cannabis industry is worth $5.1 billion in 2018 and may triple in size within ten years due to recent legalization.

With public opinion becoming increasingly positive about legalization, the expansion of the Cannabis industry in both medicinal and adult usage is more likely than ever to grow at a rapid rate. Taking steps quickly to enter the market is what we at Cannabis Advising Partners are suggesting for business owners who would like to become cultivators, manufacturers, distributors or retailers. The current climate lends itself to moving into the market to take advantage of this initial growth. There are several options for operating in the cannabis industry. Learn more. 


Already have a cannabis business license?

Cannabis Advising Partners can still help you with mandated year-round compliance and with business growth.

We have a proprietary inspector preparedness program to help you in the case of audits or run-ins with cannabis regulators.

Additionally, you may need cannabis-specific banking and insurance. We also help with tax optimization and business growth services to ensure that your cannabis business turns healthy, sustainable profits. 

See our full-service offering.