Opioid Crisis Opening Eyes about Medical Marijuana Use

Prescription opioids, heroin, and fentanyl have had a deadly effect on Americans, averaging at 91 fatalities a day. This is causing cities to take action and name opioid addiction a crisis. Medicinal marijuana use has had a 25% reduction in opioid overdose and 1,800 fewer painkiller prescriptions every year.

CAP truly cares about growing cannabis access because of the profound positive affect on society-including a therapeutic solution for recovery and rehabilitation. 

Danny Sloat, founder of AlpinStash, has used cannabis to help overcome chronic stomach pain and complications from thoracic outlet syndrome and a brain tumor. He quotes "Too often opiates have been tossed at patients and touted as the only prescription form of pain relief, and yet cannabis is truly a holistic approach to pain management. Cannabis is the complete opposite to opiates in almost every way -- it’s not addictive, has no overdose potential, helps relieve pain, decreases inflammation and inspires movement and activity, despite the stereotype to the opposite. Where opiates subtract from life, cannabis adds."

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Izzy Guarrasi